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At Camões institute: full house in presentation of works of Olinda Beja and Carlos Vieira  2014-11-23
Published Sunday, 23 November 2014 at 17:41. In letters of Lusofonia initiative, the portuguese Cultural centre in Luxembourg – office Camões submitted the works of Olinda Beja “a grain of coffee” and the book “rest a dream” Carlos-Edmilson Vieira.
'Every penny spent my back'  2014-11-23
The ssentei square on 20 August 1970 in Figueira da Foz beddome '2. I was 20. I asked the speciality driver finding infantry in the rules 6, in Porto, but was in lisbon when I was mobilised to Guinea. It was A shock. At the time, was married and had A daughter small. But when we were required had to go.
The corner of Karyna Gomes leaves earth and returns to earth  2014-11-22
Let us return where history: the parties in the yards of Bissau the 1980s and 1990s. A backyard in particular: the tios-avós of Karyna Gomes, with whom it has been created within a family mestizo while the father, guinea, and the mother, cape verdean, worked. There were guitars and corner of the earth.
Guinea-Bissau quer forces the community of portuguese language countries  2014-11-22
The authorities of Guinea-Bissau want the community of portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP), the African Union (au) and the european union (eu) to integrate stabilisation force in the country. The request was made by a guinean entourage led by prime minister Sundays Simões Pereira,....
Other ex prime ministers who have been arrested  2014-11-22
José Sócrates, ex portuguese prime minister was arrested this morning. The observer met more cases of other ex prime ministers who were also arrested. Berlusconi – the arrest of ex italian prime minister was sentenced to seven years in prison and inhibition to conduct any public office for having paid for sex with A minor.
Sesc celebrates black awareness month with atividades in san carlos  2014-11-21
The Sesc of san Carlos (SP) presents atividades which underpin the black culture until the end of the month, to commemorate the day of conscience. Between the programming for music, gastronomy, dance, workshops and combed. (gives programming below). Ballet afro known cultural practices of the continent....
Faa on peace mission in roce  2014-11-21
Cooperation was announced in this Thursday, 20, in the national assembly by the minister of national defence, João Lourenço, during A meeting between members of the executive and members, in the light of the discussions in the speciality of the state budget for 2015.
The mission of floor-mounted UNIOGBIS Bafatá suffers accident  2014-11-21
Still no known circusntâncias Of the mission of the car accident in Bafatá UNIOGBIS is. Integrated Bissau – the office of the United Nations for the consolidation of peace in guinea-bissau (UNIOGBIS) took note, this Friday, 21 November, an incident involving one of the cars....
Foreign delegations business-line presents opportunities for firms in region  2014-11-21
Under the Nersant Business 2014, the employers' association of the region of Santarém held on 24 November by 6 p. m. in Cnema in Santarém, a seminar at which representatives of the various delegations will present opportunities for internationalisation of their countries of origin.
Santarém junta over 100 entrepreneurs of 14 countries in search business  2014-11-20
The Nersant – Business association in the region of Santarém it will organise, between 24 and 26 November in CNEMA in Santarém, its third meeting international Business. The Nersant Ribatejo Business 2014 will add to the more than 100 entrepreneurs from 14 countries. The initiative is already one of the biggest show networking international in Portugal.
'All countries have problems with the violation of human rights’ - Marroni of abreu  2014-11-20
The director of the brazilian cooperation agency (ABC), Fernando José Abreu of Marroni, expressed understanding for the problems of several developing countries, including the Guinea-Bissau, as far as the issue of human rights. & apos; all countries without exceção, have problems on the....
Brothers shirking jeeps for africa  2014-11-20
Sexagenários, brothers, together with some three decades devoted to the world of crime. The brothers dedicavam-se theft jeeps and pick-ups, all of which mean expertise. With the help of two women constituted arguidas, furtavam, viciavam and sold cars for africa. They were both held by the GNR.
Companies spend 275 hours per year to meet the tax obligations  2014-11-20
Two hundred and seventy-five. That is the number of hours a medium-sized company spent per year, the discharge of tax liability in Portugal. The time spent in payment of taxes is above the world average and is also higher than the three countries of the community of countries of language....
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